ZMR Wiki Contest Winners!

by minea

We’ve selected the winners of our Gamepedia wiki contest!

We celebrated the exciting launch of ZMR’s Game of Drones patch and leveling reward changes by holding a Gamepedia contest! Many of our players shared their expert knowledge with the rest of the community, and for that we’d like to thank everyone who’s made a contribution!

From the qualifying Gamepedia contributions, we have selected five winners to receive the following prizes:

  • The Contributor’s Cap (Permanent)—currently not obtainable by other methods!
  • Key Card (×5)
  • Platinum Bullet (×5)
  • Gold Bullet (×10)
  • Silver Bullet (×15)
  • Grenade Turret (×5)
  • Chaingun Turret (×5)
  • Arc Turret (×5)
  • Plasma Core (x25)
  • Drone Case (x10)

Congratulations to the winners: Vzx, Hendykhanh, KnightKenF, UnGoogle, and Alucaard1!

(We’d also like to thank Marc13Bautista for all of his hard work on the wiki, so he’s also taking home a complete set of prizes!)

Winners should check the email associated with their Gamepedia account in the next several days for information on how to collect their prizes.

Thank you again for sharing your expertise with the community!

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