The holiday season is upon us, and this time we are not taking it lying down! Our target (code name: Jolly-Old-Elf) has been building a secret base in the Arctic, and we are gonna get up there and kick his sorry ass into next year! Tidings of murder and mayhem for all!

Oh, and we may have some zombies and Dominion troops to fight, too. Other mercs, maybe. We’ll let you know.

Holiday Tours of Duty:

As usual, we’ve got a lot of new missions coming up, and some of those missions are going to be an entirely new beast, so pay attention while I explain.

Multistage “Tour of Duty” missions take you to three or four different hot spots around the world—say, Big Dam Heroes, Skull Island, and a new one, “Frozen Assets”—and when you complete all of those maps or campaigns, you get a big mission bonus: a special holiday item!

You don’t have to do Tour of Duty missions in any particular order, but you do only have until Wednesday, December 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST to get ‘em all done.

Check out the Tour of Duty briefing for more information.

Wintery Maps:

  • Frozen Assets

    (Assault Ops)

    The Dominion have built a mech factory in the Arctic Circle!

  • Ice Station Zulu

    (Threshold Defense)

    A dimension so cold that your blood freezes before it hits the ground.

  • Russian Front

    (Massive Assault and PvP)

    A decommissioned Soviet military base deep in Dominion-held Siberia.

  • Stone Cold

    (Assault and PvP)

    Weather Station Sierra, home of the first prototype threshold...and still a target for the Dominion.

  • Permafrost


    An abandoned winter lodge, echoing with the sounds of screams and gunfire.

  • Deck the Malls


    A deluxe, open-air mall, all decorated up for seasonal mayhem.

Cool New Weapons:

  • Corpse Burner

    A flamethrower that takes down zombies quickly and effectively. Just watch that temp gauge, or you might find yourself in a firefight with no fire.

  • Assault AKB47

    Engineers took the dependable AK47 and turned it up to 11 all around for the Assault version. More firepower, higher accuracy...and it chews through Dominion forces like it has a personal grudge.

  • Assault K2

    Korea’s answer to the Dominion menace: the Assault version of a tried-and-true assault rifle, with a little extra ammo in the mag for those enemies that just won’t fall down.

New Costumes and Gear:

  • Snow Camo

  • Snow Fox

  • Killer

  • Blue Lotus

  • Main Attraction

  • Siberian

New in the Platinum Shooting Gallery!

Platinum Weapons

We’re introducing six platinum versions of old favorites, including:

  • Platinum HK416
  • Platinum QBZ-03
  • Platinum Vector
  • Platinum WA2000
  • Platinum QJY-88
  • Platinum Anti-Tank Grenade

Find them in the platinum Shooting Gallery and now in loot cases too!

Team Techs

If you’re all about being a team player, Corporate has a little something new for you to play with: team tech! You add it to your loadout, but it affects everyone on your squad. (However, it doesn’t stack with other tech that grants similar bonuses.)

Team Deluxe Endorphin Pump:

Increase your entire squad’s health by 50 percent.

Team Deluxe Mag Loader:

Speed up your squad mates’ reload time.

Team Deluxe Innervator:

Pick up the pace for your whole squad.