Welcome to Team Mech Match mode, where you’ll up your game by climbing aboard a mechanical powersuit and tearing into your enemies with the heaviest weapons on the battlefield!

Our engineers have retro-engineered the mechanical powersuits you’ve been finding in Threshold Defense, and it’s time you put ‘em to good use! We’ve got a whole new PvP mode and multiple new maps in both PvP and PvE. Not ready for so much awesome? Consult our mech game guide for all the specs, or just hop into any mech PvP lobby for a quick tutorial!

Light Mechs

First up, the light mechs: fast, lightly-armored, close-range power-suits! With their high maneuverability and impressive close-combat weapons, these puppies can be very effective against even the heaviest of mechs…just so long as you keep moving!

The two base models you’ll find are the Scorpio and the Stinger, but before you buy, check out the beefier, Limited Edition variants: more power, better armor, and a hotter look!

Outlaw Scatter Cannon

Want the most bang out of your light mech weapons? Check out the “Outlaw”: a short-range scatter cannon that sprays 42mm slugs like a giant shotgun—and it’s fully automatic!

AD-X CavSaber

Maybe you prefer a quieter kill? Load up the AD-X CavSaber: a two-meter tensile steel blade your light mech can wield like a knife—perfect for taking down enemies when their attention is elsewhere!

Medium Mechs

For those of you who like a more “all-purpose” killing machine,check out the medium mech: solid armor and serious firepower combined in one deadly package! Their lock-on weaponry makes them effective against quick moving targets —it’s no wonder they’re the workhorses of modern armored cavalry units.

Medium mechs come in two standard models—the Aries and the Olympian, both of which have their own Limited Edition variants, sporting heavier armor, a higher energy output, and those distinctive paint jobs!

Z-209 Thunderbolt

Time to load up the big guns! Slap a Z-209 Thunderbolt howitzer on your mech and you’ll soon be dropping barrages of deadly mortar shells on your enemies from across the battlefield.

Gemini Launcher

Double your firepower with the Gemini rocket launcher! Lock onto targets and hit ‘em with a double-shot of armor-shredding high-explosive ordinance that they won’t soon forget.

Heavy Mechs

Still not enough mech for you? Then strap yourself into a heavy mech: an armored war machine built to withstand concentrated cannon fire and raise shields against auto-targeted missile barrages while raining destruction destrictopm down on the battlefield.

Z-243 Vulcan Cannon

If that standard mech cannon isn’t fearsome enough, lock and load your own personal Vulcan rotary cannon! Firing thousands of rounds per minute, the Vulcan chews up any battlefield.

Rampart Plasma Shield

The latest and greatest achievement in modern warfare! Developed from Dominion Crusader technology, the Rampart is an energy shield that ablates incoming damage...or delivers a vicious close-combat piledriver!

New Maps

  • Rail Barrens

    The strip mine of today is the battlefield to tomorrow!

  • Dangerous Quarry

    This processing center is worth a fortune to whoever controls it.

  • Pier Pressure

    If it's got anything to do with mechs, sooner or later it passes through this port.

  • Acid Reign

    The flooded ruins of London conceal a wealth of zombie-plague research.

  • Skull Island

    The communion have turned this south pacific island into a mech factory.

  • Downward Spiral

    This ancient Mayan cavern is now the portal to a different kind of hell…

  • End of the Line

    An abandoned railway terminus is the latest casualty in the Threshold Wars.

  • Final Boarding

    This Swiss airport is having some recurring security problems.

  • Code Violation

    It's not zoned for murder… but somebody forgot to tell the mercs!

New in the Platinum Shooting Gallery!

Motor Psycho Gear Set

Gear up in the complete set of these badass biker leathers to grant everyone on your team a ten percent increase in ammo capacity. You’ll find all five pieces of the Motor Psycho set waiting for you in the platinum Shooting Gallery!


You won’t find this gun in the hardware store! The Ripsaw fires spinning sawblades of death that deal additional damage to enemies in PvE.