ZMR is back...with a war spanning two worlds!

The Worlds at War update drops you right into the thick of the war with the Dominion, and introduces four new maps, more than twenty new weapons, new costumes, a new story mode (with a new reward pack featuring two new epic weapons), a level cap expansion, and more.

Worlds at War arrives next week! Stay tuned for a final release date.

Major Additions

New Story: Worlds at War

Across the dimensions, the Allies of the Dominion’s homeworld have been fighting for over 70 years to restore freedom...and they’ve asked for our help. The final push begins in the rubble-strewn streets of Stalingrad, and doesn’t end until Berlin has fallen at long last!

Reward: The Worlds at War Reward Pack contains a randomly-determined items like plasma cores, drone mods and cases, key cards, gear, or possibly a Desert-skinned weapon or even a Pulse Rifle or Boomtube epic weapon!

Level Cap Expansion

Players in ZMR can now advance to level 80—all the way up to “VP of Assassinations”— with a whole new set of in-game perks including permanent carbon barrel mods (increasing weapon damage), a permanent Emerald MP7A1 submachine gun, and a Mk.III version of the new Beholder drone!


  • Enemy at the Gates

    (Threshold Defense)
    Hold back the tide of enemy forces in the war-torn Stalingrad of the Dominion homeworld.

  • Red Road

    (Assault Ops)
    Take the fight to the Dominion on their own turf, and liberate an alternate reality’s World War II Russia!

  • Mission: Ragnarok

    (Assault Ops)
    Put an end to a decades-long World War II by striking at the heart of another world’s Berlin—the Dominion’s capitol city.

  • Liberation '45

    (Threshold Defense)
    Storm a Dominion prison camp to free captured allies...then enlist their aid to drive back an alien invasion.

  • Drop Zone

    Battle for control of a decommissioned—but strategically-vital—oil rig in the North Sea!


  • UMP40-ZK

    Turns the walking dead into the shredded dead.

  • Assault HK21

    The general-purpose machine gun, modified to a specific purpose: freeing the Earth from the grip of the Dominion!

  • AK-9-ZK

    When Russian anti-terrorist forces started coming up against the walking dead, the AK-9 got a much-needed, zombie-killing makeover.

  • Assault AN-94

    The Russian military's favorite weapon, retooled for killing the Dominion.